• Order of the Minister of Labor and Social Justice no. 1086/2018 regarding the approval of the Annual Action Plan framework on social services administered and financed from the budget of County Councils, Local Councils, General Council of Bucharest Municipality was published in the Official Gazette no. 335 / 17.04.2018
  • In order to reduce poverty and social inclusion of the elderly, the Ministry of Labor and Social Justice has developed a national program to support long-term care for dependent elderly people and to combine the benefits in cash with the benefits in kind. In this respect, the draft Government Decision on the approval of the national interest program for home-based community services for elderly dependent persons was proposed, as well as the program of national interest aimed at increasing the capacity of public social assistance services in some administrative-territorial units
  • The Ministry of Labor and Social Justice proposed in a draft Government Decision to amend and supplement the Annex no.2 of the Government Decision no.797/2017 for the approval of the organization and functioning framework regulations of the public social assistance services and the structure guidance staff
  • The Ministry of Labor and Social Justice proposed in a draft law to amend and supplement the Law no. 197/2004 on quality assurance in the field of social services

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